You wouldn’t want to start from here…

…as the old joke goes. And yet I must. This blog is a bit of an experiment, and if I’m honest, a bit of homework I’ve been set for an online PYP course I’m doing. I’m going to be sharing my thoughts about learning to teach within the PYP, and the love-hate relationship I have with it. I read quite a few inquiry-based blogs, and while they can be good for mulling ideas, I’ve also noticed a considerable gap between their image and my reality. Reading some blogs, one might think that inquiry-based learning was skipping gaily through sun-dappled meadows of discovery, where butterflies made of post-it notes flit by…

My classroom isn’t like that. I suspect it’s partly to do with teaching at a relatively new International School, and also to do with the diversity of experiences and expectations within my class, but my experience has been harder. There’s (good-natured) conflict. There’s dragging some students by the nose (metaphorically speaking) to get them on board with the inquiry-based model. And there’s frequent compromise between the idealised free-flowing-where-shall-we-go-today-children model, the need to have something to show for my efforts and and just what can be done within the time. That disjuncture between the ideal and the reality is what interests me. I’m a long way from being the finished article, and after 13 years being in a classroom, I suspect I’ll never get there. But this blog is about the trying…


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  1. Jason Graham says:

    Indeed, inquiry isnt all roses. Its hot and messy in many cases.Sometimes it feels like you lose a bit of control and need to get the kids refocused. Sometimes you dont and see where they go…sometimes its a success and other times it fails, which is great learning and teachable moment in itself. Sometimes.


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